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Lynchburg Couples Counseling & Lynchburg Relationship CounselingWhether your relationship is in crisis, or you want to protect a good thing, expert counseling help is right here.

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Relationship Problems:

Today, almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. Even WORSE is the number of Committed Relationships that are in Emotional Divorce.

Some challenges relationships face:

Communication Problems

Temper / Anger


Jealousy / Broken Trust

Painful Pasts

Cheating / Adultery

Stress / Anxiety

Overburdened Schedules

Do these symptoms sound familiar to you?  It is no secret that relationships are hurting.

The real tragedy is that many relationships suffer for years without getting help, when change is right there at their fingertips.

My relationship needs help. Where do I Turn?

How do you find help when you feel like your relationship has hit bottom?

How do you heal when the pain between the two of you seems unbearable? When there is little love left?

(or maybe your relationship isn’t so dark.  But you want to make a change before the crisis!)

From this point on, you and your significant other DO NOT struggle alone.

How is Lynchburg Couples Counseling at The Change Group Different?

The Change Group Counselors help couples from the greater Lynchburg area who trust their most important relationships to the care provided by The Change Group Lynchburg Counseling.

At The Change Group Lynchburg Counseling, we are focused on your relationship goals. Simply put, from the first phone call, to the first time you arrive at our office, you are always respected and treated with sensitive, professional care.

We help our clients build better, more engaging, more successful relationships.

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(Portions of the above material is reprinted with permission from Thrive Boston Counseling in Boston, MA.)