Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Change Group seeks to provide the highest quality whole life care that fosters substantial, healthy change in the lives of our clients.

Vision Statement

The Change Group aims to be the most cutting-edge, client-centered counseling practice contrasted with other practices of its size and scope.

Concerning Our Valued Clients:

Clients literally compose the lifeblood of our practice.  Thus, we sincerely respect our clients as sentient beings and fellow humans. Each client is treated with dignity and seriousness, giving validity to the developmental stage in which each resides.  This is especially important because much of our work focuses on adolescents, teens, and young adults.  While experience teaches that some issues will be miniscule later in life, these same issues feel terribly important in the moment.

At The Change Group, the primary focus of the therapist-client relationship is the client.

This does not mean that the counselor will not reap some rewards as well.  On the contrary, much fulfillment and joy may come to the counselor via this relationship.  However, counselor benefit cannot be the primary goal.  We treat the client as an ends in him/herself.

At The Change Group, you are worth the effort!

Concerning Our Valued People:

The Change Group is, of course, a team of people.   We pride ourselves on our commitment to the development of our people, and firmly believe that fulfilled, well-paid, and growing team members translate to fulfilled, well-living, and growing clients.

We only hire individuals with graduate education and experience, and strive to have them meet and exceed our rigorous standards for the care of our clients.

We hope that while working with us, our team will feel a sense of loyalty, pride, and commitment that fuels their desire to serve each other and our clients with the kind of dedication and teamwork they’d want for themselves.  In keeping with our commitment to develop and grow our people, we understand that they won’t always be with us, and that some will move on to new and exciting ventures that further refine the skills they display at The Change Group.  We always want to be a place of employment that encourages this kind of growth and appreciates an employee’s desire to see new horizons.   We strive to be the kind of place to which former employees can always refer clients with great assurance and comfort.

The Change Group fosters an environment of community, shared growth, and espirit de corps, and fun!  Our employees genuinely love what they do, and it shows!We try to cultivate an environment of uniqueness, oneness, and openness.

Concerning our Fiscal Responsibility:

The Change Group strives to grow and expand in healthy, timely, and proportionate ways.  This means that both growth and positive-cash flow are regarded as important to the balance of our practice.    In this way, we ensure stability for the organization and our clients, and opportunities for development for our team.