Total Life Approach

Team Overview

How many times have you left the office of a therapist, minister, doctor, or other health care provider and thought…

“They just don’t seem like they get the big picture!”

We can relate. Like most professionals, health care providers are trained to be experts in a particular field. This is a good thing! We want those charged with our care to be the best they can in their chosen discipline.

But somewhere along the way, we also need them to effectively coordinate with other providers of coinciding care so that they have an informed, well-rounded perspective of who we are, what we’re about, and how to best help us.

At The Change Group, That's Just What We Do.

We make it easy on you. When you come see us, you have the benefit of consulting with our expert team, which proudly contains experts to help you physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Each team member understands you and your treatment better because of our integrated model.

90 Days To Change

For most of our clients, The Change Group recommends 90-Days To Change, a complete online care package that empowers you on the road to health in every aspect of your life: biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually.

  1.       Wellness: 3 Sessions

  2.       Exercise or Yoga Interventions: 12 sessions

*3.       Psychological, Social, & Emotional Counseling/Coaching: (at least) 12 sessions (some sessions may involve group counseling)

  4.       Spiritual Formation: 3 Sessions (some additional spiritual work can be incorporated in psychological counseling by client request).  Choose from 1 of 2 tracks:

a.       Meditation/Mindfulness

b.      Lectio Divina (Holy Reading –  spiritual texts)

(* Starred items indicates the strong likelihood that significant portions of this service may be insurance reimbursable!)

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