Can You Help My Son Or Daughter?

Can you help my son or daughter?This is the obvious question, isn’t it?   Parents, friends, loved ones – we all want to know the outcome of things before we jump in.  We want some kind of guarantee that our children can be helped in real and lasting ways.  We understand.

No one can say for sure if counseling will solve a problem in a teen’s life or between you and your teen.   But therapy at The Change Group can be a very, very helpful option for you.

In weighing it all out, it may be helpful to consider what change actually looks like.  Often we have problems in our lives, such as depression or anxiety.  When we think about a “solution” to the problem, it is our anticipation we will experience a 180 degree turn in the other direction.  This may not be the most helpful way to look at things.

Instead, we bear in mind that change occurs on a continuum, and usually happens in increments.  It may look something like this (click to enlarge):

Continuum of Change

So, if your son or daughter begins therapy at -8 (Strongly Depressed), it would be considered real and substantial progress if within several months he or she is at -2 or -3 (Intermittently Depressed with period of Happiness).  With time and support, and in some cases, continued therapy, even greater gains may be achieved.  But problems typically don’t arrive overnight, so it makes sense that working through them may take some time as well.

While adolescents move along the continuum of change, sometimes they may share things with a counselor that they might not share with anyone else, including parents or friends.  To the direct extent that they actually know, teens may vent about what is really going on with them.  In these kinds of situations, counselors at The Change Group may identify:

  • Secrets
  • Activities your teen has kept from you
  • Fears or Doubts
  • Problems your teen is having at school
  • Emotional problems
  • Self-image or body image issues
  • Issues that your teen may have with you that have not been shared

As is perhaps obvious with this list, it is helpful to remember that uncovering these issues may be difficult for you and your teen.  But this kind of pain, we think,  may be a necessary part of the journey if you are to move toward healing and wholeness.

No matter the case, when we can gain insight into the issues with which your teen is struggling, we are in a position to help you seek a solution. Our track record suggests that it is likely we can help your son or daughter make strides along the continuum of change.  With each stride, it is our sincere desire at The Change Group that we may help bring renewed communication, renewed commitment, and restored hope.

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(Portions of the above material is reprinted with permission from Thrive Boston Counseling in Boston, MA.)

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