Change Group Co-Founder Starting St. Louis Counseling Practice.

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Ryan Neace, one of the co-founders of The Change Group, is starting a practice in his old stomping grounds, St. Louis, MO.  The new St. Louis Counseling practice will be called ‘Change, Incorporated’, and will be inclusive of many of the same concepts as The Change Group at its core.

“We’re still deciding if those looking for counseling in St. Louis are really in the market for the bio, psycho, social, spiritual model as a whole, so we’ll start off by employing therapists who are well-versed in integrating knowledge from other disciplines, and who are seasoned vets at making appropriate integrative referrals,” says Neace, who is also an official blogger for the American Counseling Association.  ”If the demand is really there for us to actually provide the services there like we think it is, we’ll be doing that to – yoga, exercise, wellness, meditation and mindfulness – the works.”

The Change Group’s unique integrative model is what makes it stand out from run of the mill counseling practices.  Instead of outpatient counseling once a week, clients pursue mental health therapy, exercise or yoga training, wellness consultation, and spiritual direction, either in the form of “traditional spiritual direction” or via meditation and mindfulness.

Neace adds, “One of the funny things about explaining it to people is that there really are precious few others doing this that we can find, so there is no apples to apples comparison.  But it’s a good fit for someone looking for more than once a week counseling but less than a residential stay somewhere.  The cost of 90-days of In-patient treatment isn’t affordable to most people anyhow, even after insurance.  So the notion of having an outpatient 90-day program that involves all one on one care is a really nice alternative.”

The new St. Louis Counseling practice will open in 2013.

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Ryan Thomas Neace is the co-founder and managing director of The Change Group, and holds a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. He brings nearly 10 years of mental health experience to The Change Group. He is also an official blogger for the American Counseling Association.
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