What Are My Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options in Lynchburg, Virginia?

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What Are My Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options in Lynchburg, VA?

(This information has been copied with permission from http://pathwayslynchburg.com)

If you live in Lynchburg, Virginia, or a surrounding community, there are a number of great options for you to receive the help you in need in recovering from drugs and alcohol!  You don’t have to go somewhere far away.  Listed below you will find a number of those options listed here.  We’ve also included a chart that compares the various options and the treatment.  (Click here to view that chart now).

Standard Therapy:

If you have drug and alcohol addiction, but have never tried outpatient counseling, you may want to consider it.  There are a number of great outpatient counseling practices in Lynchburg, VA.  The best practices in the area average about $100/session.  Please click here to be taken to a list provided by google.


Intensive Programs:

Many people try outpatient counseling for drug and alcohol treatment in Virginia, but have little or no lasting success.  This may mean that the level of care needed is greater than what outpatient therapy can provide.  If so, there are a number of options in the Lynchburg area that may be right for you.  Here is a list, with a brief description of each, as well as some pros and cons:

The Change Group, LLC

(Key Terms: Total Life (Holistic) Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Addiction CounselingIntensive Outpatient ProgramOutpatient CounselingAlternative to Traditional Counseling)

Our Take:

The Change Group, LLC is a great alternative to outpatient counseling or the hospital setting.  It was formed by 2 therapists, both of which have personal and professional recovery backgrounds with a combined 40 years of experience.


In Their Own Words (cut and pasted from website):

“The Change Group, LLC, is Lynchburg’s most innovative and cutting-edge counseling practice. We specialize in integrative, whole life care for adolescents and adults in the Central Virginia area. Our practice offers both standard outpatient counseling and a comprehensive program called 90-Days to Change, where clients participate in wellness coaching, exercise/yoga, mental health therapy, and meditation/mindfulness and/or spiritual direction over a 3-month period.”


According to the program director, each program is individualized, but you can figure approximately $3,200 or less for 90 days of treatment.

Because The Change Group is managed-care-free, if you still utilize out-of-network benefits, you would be responsible for some % of the above plus any deductible after reimbursement.

Max out of pocket: $3200


  • LOW COST!  Lowest program costs in Central Virginia for drug and alcohol treatment.
  • Veterans in the field.
  • 1 on 1 Attention.  Every single session (wellness, yoga/exercise, therapy, meditation/spirituality) is conducted 1 on 1, with an individual expert.
  • Serves adolescents (ages 12-17) in addition to adults
  • Intensive Outpatient (does not require in-patient stay)
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Includes 1 session per month for families.
  • Program focused on latest research that incorporates wellness, yoga, exercise, mindfulness/spirituality.
  • Monthly payment plans.  Discount offered for up-front payment.


  • Outpatient setting may not be intensive enough for some clients.
  • No groups (though counselors may suggest attendance to AA/NA as part of treatment)
  • No detox/medical services on-site (referrals only).
  • Managed Care Free.  Likely because of their “outside the box” approach,  they have chosen not to be “in-network” for Insurance Providers.  (However, most insurance companies will reimburse approximately half of the services they provide – i.e., therapy, meditation, wellness with out-of-network benefits.) (FAQ: How can I know how much my insurance company will cover of the costs of treatment?)


Contact Info:

The Change Group, LLC

1 (434)-658-0004






Pathways Treatment Center

(Key Terms: Hospital Treatment, Virginia Baptist Hospital, Inpatient Counseling, Residential Counseling, Intensive Outpatient Counseling)

Our Take:

Pathways is the Drug & Alcohol Treatment arm of Virginia Baptist Hospital.  It has been around since the 1980′s, and has a solid reputation in the community for helping addicts and alcoholics, especially those in-need of an the inpatient/hospital-setting and frequent groups and recovery meetings on-site.

In Their Own Words (cut and pasted from website):

“Pathways Treatment Center is committed to helping our families, friends and neighbors experience a new beginning. If you or a loved one wants to experience the freedom of recovery, please browse our website for more information.”


According to their in-take staff, for someone paying out of pocket (i.e, no insurance):

  • Detox: $565/day (detox + treatment) + $69/day (boarding/meal fee) = $634/day
  • Inpatient After Detox: $365/day (treatment) + $69 (boarding/meal fee) = $434/day
  • Outpatient After Detox: $365/day (treatment)

Pathways estimates 18-24 calendar days for most clients’ programs.  (This assumes that you’d go home on some weekends, which may not be possible due to therapeutic or other reasons.)  So:

  • With 2 days of detox and a 24-day inpatient stay: $11,684.
  • With 2 days of detox and an 24-day intensive outpatient program: $10,028.

If you have insurance and used your in-network benefits, you could reasonably assume that the insurance company has negotiated a cheaper price than this, perhaps by 20% or so.  So, using the costs above:

  • With 2 days of detox and a 24-day inpatient stay: $9374.20 (~$11,684 – 20%)
  • With 2 days of detox and an 24-day intensive outpatient program: $8022.40 (~$10,028 – 20%).

You’d be responsible for % of those costs (depending on your insurance company) plus any deductible you have, and insurance would pay the rest.



  • COST!  There really is no way around it.  Treatment at a hospital costs a lot of money.  Less than 30 days of service costs almost $3000.  However, if you have a great insurance plan, they may cover some portion of the bill.
  • Takes place in a hospital psychiatric ward.
  • Some clients may be able to achieve lasting recovery without an inpatient setting.
  • Does not serve adolescents (aged 12-17).
Contact Info:
Pathways Treatment Center
3300 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, VA 24503
(434) 200-4455
1 (866) 749-4455
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